Message from the Manager

Education is an ongoing process all over life. There are always difficulties to face which are to be solved by the weapon of education. System of education has changed rapidly. The focus has shifted not only to academic but also for all round development.

In our school, B R PUBLIC SCHOOL we are proving ourselves by providing academic excellence and rich co-curricular activities.

The inspiring atmosphere of creative activities is created in school through, YOGA, ART, & Music.
I acknowledge the tremendous role played by the school staff and parents. I am happy to say that the students are showing excellent result in CBSE.

We hope to excel it further, facing all challenges in life easily.



Message from Principal

Dear parents

We all want to do the very best for the children .The most precious thing we give a child is education and there is so much for us to choose from.

Children learn more when they spend time with those who have positive and trusting relationship with them.

They learn more by making mistakes and working independently. The values always must be solid and positive. B R PUBLIC SCHOOL has attained prestigious position in the field of academics.

The  excellent teaching and supporting staff, Parent’s and B R PUBLIC SCHOOL Board of Directors are aligned with achieving our vision.     



Message From The Advisor

I have the privilege of being associated with the B.R.PUBLIC SCHOOL NANGLOI, DELHI - 41 for the last eight years. I can certainly vouch that BRPS is an abode of learning that strives continuously to provide education of the highest academic standards.

Creating myriad learning opportunities for all the students is the hallmark of the school. It aims at not only providing academic excellence but also all round development of the personality.

I wish the management, staff and the students the Very Best